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Product Overview

Learn more about the various OneSource features & benefits.

Quickbooks Online Compatible

No more double entry.
  • Import your Quickbooks Online data with 1 click.
  • Sync OneSource with Quickbooks Online automatically.  (You can determine if certain Customers or Prospects are NOT synced/added to Quickbooks).
  • Use Quickbooks Online for:
    • Banking (including Online Banking)
    • Paying Bills.
    • Doing Payroll.
    • Creating Statements.
    • Doing Collections work (via emailable invoices, statements, and reminder letters).
  • Use OneSource Online for:
    • Customer Management. (Unlimited contacts + extensive all on 1 screen information about virtually anything you need to know about a customer.
    • Task Management. (Schedule calls, emails, To-Do’s, meetings, etc.  Keep everyone on the same page of who said what to who, and when, and what the next step is…)
    • Document Management.  Link documents (like Google Docs and Drop Box docs to Customers, Jobs, Vendors, Items, Etc)
    • Job/Project Tracking. (Track your Jobs, Projects, and Issues–for your Customers and Prospects–all in the same database as the rest of your company data).
    • Quoting.
    • Creating Orders (with faster item look-up, faster pricing, etc)
    • Creating Invoices.
    • Creating Pick Tickets, Dispatching Deliveries, etc
    • Inventory Management, Bar-code scanning.
    • Purchasing (including auto PO’s for special order items, and container/stock-replenishment orders)

Cloud Based

Access your data from anywhere.
  • Access your data from any web browser.
  • Works on virtually all PC’s, Macs, iPads, and other pads.
  • Eliminate the cost and hassles of buying and maintaining your own file server.
  • Prevent data loss from server theft, server viruses, server hardware failures, and/or server damage from flood or fire.
  • Our serveice includes redundant backups of your data.
  • Software updates are also automated.

CRM / Customer Management

See everything about a customer on 1 screen.
  • Add and track unlimited contacts (for each company)
  • Schedule tasks and reminders.
  • Send emails.
  • Create Jobs, Projects, and Issues
  • View all Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Credits on same screen.
  • Customize item prices for each item or type of item (for each company).
  • Create and view related Google or Dropbox documents
  • Customize Customer & Prospect Lists

Jobs & Projects

Track the details that matter right in OneSource
  • Create and track jobs and projects–related to your customers, tasks, quotes, and sales orders.
  • Define different types of jobs and add custom fields for each.
  • Auto create Jobs (issues) from customer (inbound) emails.
  • Customize Job & Project lists.

Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices

Create & track quotes and sales orders with greater ease.
  • Create simple quotes and sales orders.
  • Create invoices (that automatically appear in Quickbooks online)
  • Find and sell items based on year, make, model searches, or supplier item #, or OEM #
  • Automatically price items using several pricing tools
  • Create PO’s for special order items with 1 click.
  • Create quotes and sales orders with editable bundles (kits).
  • Create quotes and invoices related to jobs & projects.
  • Customize Quotes, Orders, and Invoice Lists

Inventory Management

Your inventory is one of your greatest assets. We help you control it.
  • Track items by item #, year/make/model, serial #, bundle, etc
  • Store inventory in multiple bins and warehouses.
  • Track inventory costs with precision.
  • View inventory movement A-Z.
  • Scan* items in and out of stock.
  • Price items the way you want to.
  • Assign unlimited vendors to each item.
  • Import & export inventory lists and prices.
  • Customize Inventory Item Lists

*Requires optional add-on product and/or additional hardware.

Automated Purchase Orders

Create PO’s in less than ½ of the time.
  • Create PO’s from Sales Orders with 1 click.
  • Link PO’s to Sales Order line items to keep inventory and prices in sync.
  • View suggested PO’s (including all supporting numbers) based on Min/Max, Sales History, or both.
  • Export proforma PO’s for easy quoting from vendors.
  • Import (and update) prices from PO Vendors.
  • Auto compare and select all prices from all vendors per item.
  • Create barcode* labels for incoming PO items.
  • Customize Purchase Order Lists

Customizable Reports & Dashboards

Get to the bottom line quicker.
  • Each user will see a role specific dashboard upon login.
  • Dashboards can be customized by role or user.
  • Create numerous types of reports pertaining to your Customers, Prospects, Vendors, Items, Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, and Jobs.

Customizable Lists

Create custom lists that stay 100% up to date.
  • Create unlimited lists pertaining to your customers, prospects, vendors, sales, inventory, purchasing, etc
  • Define the list columns, labels, sort order, filters, etc
  • Export any list to Excel.

Customizable Screens

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