Warehouse Automation (OneSource osScan Add-on)

Gain control of every part coming in and out of your warehouse




OneSource Scanning App functionality:
  • Scan items into stock for incoming Purchase Orders.
  • Scan items out of stock for Sales Orders (Not Available Yet). (Mode 1 – Single Scan) *
  • Scan items out of stock for Sales Orders (Not Available Yet). (Mode 2 – Scan 1 barcode on Stock Picking Ticket, then scan Item# (and other fields if desired, such as item shelf location and/or item serial #). This method provides greater accuracy as each item barcode is compared to the barcode scanned on the Stock Picking Ticket)*.
  • Scan items into stock for Customer Returns*.
  • Scan items for inventory cycle counts*.

* This feature planned for future version (free of charge when upgrade available).

How it works.
  1. Using a hand-held scanning device, the user logs into the osScan.
  2. User scans (or hand enters) a document # (such as a Purchase Order #).
  3. User scans item #.
    • If enabled, user will next scan the shelf bin location.
    • If enabled, user will next scan the item serial #.
  4. User repeats step 3 for each item scanned for the document.
  5. User places the hand held scanner in the scanner docking station (which automatically copies the file created by osScan onto the PC attached to the scanning docking station).
  6. The same user (or if desired a different user) opens the Warehouse Management screen in OneSource to perform the following steps:
    • Click the Import button (to import 1 or more osScan files and display all scanned items on the same screen).
    • Click the Pre-Process button (to automatically find the OneSource item # (if the OEM or Supplier barcode was scanned), and to look for any discrepancies before committing the scanned items).
    • Click the Process button (to merge the scanned info into the related PO, or Sales Order, etc).
Hardware Scanning Device Requirements.
  • One hand-held scanning device that has Windows Mobile 6.0 or greater
  • A screen on the scanner that is at least 2.25 inches wide by at least 3 inches tall.
  • In making a selection for this device we also recommend that the device have these additional features:
    • Made for very industrial use (so it can withstand being accidentally dropped, etc).
    • Has a pistol grip for greater comfort and accuracy.
    • Has wireless capabilities (using 802.11a/b/g/n)
    • Is supported by a vendor that make selling and supporting scanning devices their primary business.
    • Has the ability to scan 1D and 2D scans.  (Currently osScan only uses 1D barcodes, but will more than likely move to 2D barcodes in the future). 
    • NOTE: Take a look at the MC9090 at www.carltontechnologies.com (or on www.amazon.com or www.ebay.com). We think its the best overall rugged, feature rich, used scanner for the price.
What it costs to buy.
  • $7,200 to buy–including training and setup (but not including hardware).
  • $80/mo to support/update/host. 

To learn more about how OsScan help automate your warehouse, please contact us.

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