Managed Backups (Add on)

We human verify that your backups are successful – 5 days a week.





Backing Up Business Data is something we all have to do:

  • We suggest that your data should be backed up at least once a day (Probably every 30 Minutes) and stored in at least 2 places. (On site and Off site).
  • There are lots of inexpensive online backup services like Carbonite and Mozy and we suggest that you use one of them and OneSource Managed Backups to backup all of your data.
  • Some Common problems when using the other service providers are:
    1. Sometimes the backups are not off site.
    2. Quite often the backups fail and give you really cryptic messages.
    3. Usually they can not backup Microsoft Access Databases if someone has it open (Didn’t close it before leaving for the day).
    4. They can not do mid day backups while you are using the database.
    5. They are NEVER verified by a live person
  • Due to the 5 things listed above we decided to find a way to fix these issues for ourselves and our friends.

What We Do:

  • Backup your data to our cloud server.
  • Backup your backups to another OneSource physical server.
  • Backup your data to one of your external drives.
  • We do a full backup of all of your Company.MDB data file, Reports, OnlineOrders.MDB files everyday.
  • We do another backup of your company.MDB data file every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • We check that the daily backup was done everyday so you don’t have to.

What We Backup:

  • We backup only the most important files on your server.
    1. Company data file
    2. Reports
    3. Online Orders
    4. SQL Server
  • We DO NOT Backup the other files on your server. We Only Specialize in Protecting the Data Files That Will Get You BACK IN BUSINESS When Disaster Strikes.

What We Charge:

  • $100 Per Month (About $4.75 each time we backup and verify your OneSource data)


To learn more about how OneSource can simplify things that should be simple, please contact us