(1) How long does it take to be up and running with OneSource and what is the process?
  • Step 1 – Hardware Preparation & OneSource Installation: We work your network admin to determine if a new server or any additional hardware is needed, configure your server for local and remote user login using Remote Desktop (Terminal Services), install MS Office, etc. When the server is ready, we then install and setup OneSource on your server.  (This process usually takes a few weeks). 
  • Step 2 – Data Preparation & Conversion:  We create a new OneSource data file for your company and help you export, prep, and import data from your existing software application(s) and into OneSource.  (This usually takes 2-4 weeks, depending on various factors). 
  • Step 3 – Department Manager Training & Data File Setup:  After the data conversion is complete your assigned OneSource trainer will: 
    • schedule a number of 1 on 1 (phone + GotoMeeting screen sharing) user training sessions with your Sales, Purchasing, and Accounting department managers (who will in turn train others in their departments when nec.), and
    • help  determine ‘how you do things’ (such as how orders flow through each of your departments, etc) and then make a plan of action of how to provide training, which settings are necessary,  and if any customizations are necessary to match ‘how you do things’ as closely as possible to how you would do them in OneSource, and
    • provide training to your department managers, and
    • provide hand on practice scenarios, and
    • provide as much follow-up ‘fill in the blanks’ training as necessary for each department manager to be confident and ready to GoLive with OneSource.
      (This usually takes 3-4 weeks) 
  • Step 4 – Final Preparations:  Just prior to going live we: 
    • make any final customizations needed for your printed invoices and labels, and business management lists,
    • provide training on how to enter open AR Invoice and open AP Bill totals (so your AR and AP Aging statements will be correct and balanced with your Balance Sheet), 
    • provide training on how to make a beginning balance journal entry to get your (balanced) Balance Sheet into OneSource, 
    • import your up to date inventory levels/costs 
    • reset you item numbering and delete any ‘sample’ data (like practice Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, PO’s, etc), 
    • provide any final training and setup necessary            
      (This process usually takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks)
  • Step 5 – GoLive: When your users have performed enough practice scenarios to feel confident, and when your data is ready to go, (having mutually pick a day in advance to GoLive—usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) you just begin using OneSource on that day to enter Sales Orders when the phone rings, Printing Picking Tickets, create PO’s, etc. We block out extra time to be available for the inevitable questions that arise after you GoLive.  We also schedule daily meetings (for a number of weeks) to answer questions you have, analyze your data with you, etc.  
(2) What are the system requirements for OneSource?
(3) What does it cost to get up and running with OneSource?
(4) What types of payment terms are available?
    • 50% down.  10% discount off price.  Remaining 40% due in 3 payments (13% after installation and data conversion complete. 13% 30 days after go live. 14% 60 days after GoLive). 
    • 25% down. Remaining 75% due in 12 equal monthly payments–interest free. 
    • 24, 36, 48, or 60 month business lease, OAC.
    • We would appreciate all payments being made in the form of a business check.  (Receive a 1% discount with signed ACH authorization form to deduct from your business checking account). 
(5) Can OneSource be customized?
(6) What do you charge for your customization services?
(7) If our version of OneSource is customized for our company, can we stay current with updates?
(8) What services are billable when customizations are performed?
(9) Which is better, an ‘Estimate’ or ‘Fixed Bid’ for customization services?
(10) Am I billed for your time to estimate a project?
(11) What are your payment terms for customization work?
(12) What is the core database that holds the data in OneSource?

OneSource is designed in MS Access and MS Visual Basic for Applications. Microsoft has specified that MS Access can store 4 billion records per table and can have up to 256 concurrent users. However, realistically, MS Access can store, search and retrieve 100,000’s of records with relative ease. MS Access can also realistically handle a total of between 20-30 simultaneous users. (The primary factors that effect overall performance varies depending on the overall level of simultaneous use, the types of use, the speed of your network connection and the power of the hardware being used).

(13) Can OneSource be used with an MS SQL Server?

Yes. Version 4.0 can now be used with an MS SQL Server.