Customization Services

It gives us great satisfaction to provide solutions to simplify our customer’s lives. One way that we are able to accomplish this is to customize OneSource and/or create products that integrate with OneSource that solve customer problems. The following are answers to questions that you may have about our customization services:

What can be customized in OneSource? Generally almost anything. Reports are the easiest. Almost any report imaginable can be created from a new report or by customizing an existing report. Changes to OneSource ‘forms’ (screens) is almost always possible as well, but typically requires a little more forethought. In some cases, you can make your own changes without a problem. However, in most cases, we recommed allowing us to make the changes for you, and if possible, add them as a permanent feature to OneSource, so they can be continually tested and released in future versions as well.

If our version of OneSource is customized for our company, can we stay current with future updates without overwriting our changes? Yes! We have devised a unique way to automatically install OneSource updates AND automatically import your new or customized forms and reports in a matter of seconds.

What do you charge for your customization services? Please see the table below.

For customers with a current Annual Maintenance Agreement, for customizations that will generally improve the OneSource product for the majority of our customer base.
For customers with a current Annual Maintenance Agreement, for customizations that will generally NOT improve the OneSource product for the majority of our customer base. (This includes most non OneSource development, including Ecommerce integration, EDI mapping and integration, etc)


What services are billable when customizations are performed? Generally speaking, any ‘time’ that we need to contribute to the project, start to finish, to complete the work to your satisfaction, including time involved in:

  • determining and specifying your requirements
  • designing and developing (coding) the customization work (including all object types such as queries, forms, reports, macros, code modules, etc)
  • unit and beta testing the work
  • demonstrating and/or delivering the work to you
  • training users and/or creating training materials
  • creating new queries or reports on the fly, or training how to ‘customize’ OneSource/MSAccess queries, reports, forms, etc
  • tweaking and refining the finished result to your satisfaction

Which is better, an ‘Estimate’ or ‘Fixed Bid’ for customization services? It depends. If you have taken the time to outline every detail of how things will look and function, a Fixed Bid may give you greater peace of mind than an ‘Estimate’. The nice thing about Fixed Bids is you know exactly what the cost will be (assuming the scope of the project is not changed by you during the development process). On the other hand, since the development house is taking more of the ‘risk’ in terms of many of the unknown costs to deliver the final product, fixed bids are generally priced anywhere from ‘a little higher’ to ‘a lot higher’–depending on how much detail you have provided. Since this sometimes produces a win-lose situation for the vendor or the customer , we generally favor giving ‘Estimates’ of what we realistically believe a project will take–after getting as much detail from you as possible. We believe this ultimately lends to the customer getting exactly what they want for less money.

Am I billed for your time to ‘estimate’ a project? Usually yes, if the the process to determine your needs is at all time consuming. If the project is very black and white and simple, and can be explained in a few minutes or via email, then there is no charge for this time. Ultimately, we find it necessary to trade our time for dollars (so we can be here for you the next time you need help or support).

What are your payment terms for customization work? Fixed bids: This is negotiable. Usually a percentage down, then mutually determined milestone payments, and final payment of final 10% upon final delivery. For Estimates, we bill each week for all worked performed the previous week.

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